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Ebook publishing is the fastest way to get published now. If you have ever submitted a manuscript to a publisher, you know how frustrating it is to wait months and months for a response - and then only to get a rejection notice.

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Our Writing For Profit Ebooks Collection shows you how to bypass the hassles and delays of the traditional publishing world or the expenses of self-publishing a paper back yourself. Learn everything you need to know to do it yourself at very little cost.

In this collection you will receive all the following guides :

  • A Cheap & Easy Guide To Self-Publishing Ebooks
  • Articles For Publication
  • How To Create Your Own Info Products
  • EbookOnatic: The Official Guide
  • Ezine: A Complete Guide To Publishing
  • Finding The Right Markets For Freelancing
  • How To Get Published The Right Way
  • Get Reprint Rights Without Paying A Dime
  • How To Write Childrens Books & Make Big Money
  • How To Write Picture Books: Secrets Revealed


It.s a fact, you can do it; you can become a bestselling author in the realms of niche non-fiction when you learn the Secret Power Strategies in this amazing new creative writing collection of ebooks.


With this collection you'll get proven help on vital topics :

. Learn where to find hot selling topics to write about
. Learn how to format and produce ebooks
. Find inexpensive software to encrypt and protect your content
. Pricing strategies to maximize profits 
. Discover how to automate payment and delivery of ebooks to customers
. Design your web site to attract more visitors and make more sales
. Get a complete sample marketing plan
. Learn how to work with ebook publisher packagers and resellers
. Discover how to increase sales and lower costs with print-on-demand
. Learn how to use free publicity to promote your ebook and your name as an author
. Boost your site traffic by getting top ranking pages in the search engines
. Get tips for receiving hundreds of links from other sites to yours
. Find out to promote your book with newsletters and by email
. Promote your titles on newsgroups and discussion lists
. Uncover the secret power of affiliate programs for getting other sites to sell your content
. Learn how to track and measure your results.

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